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        Weight Level Meter



               該產品是我公司與寶鋼共同開發研制的項科技成果。它是我公司總結了1 0多年重錘式料位計制造、應用經驗、吸收了國外同類產品的優點后,在本公司原有產品基礎上優化改型的新產品。它采用了微電腦技術,具有結構簡單、定能穩定、安裝調試方便、功能強、適應面廣等優點。

        ZL-1C type hammer type material level meter used in measurement exposure or airtight container in powder. pellet. the mass material material level detection, especially for in metallurgical industry for a large proportion of material occasions It can help users to timely and accurate grasp of the material in the chute feed and consumption, and the automatic control system as a slot of the automatic control and management, and is an ideal tool for material storage and transportation system fully automatic unmanned operation This produa is one of the scientific and technological achievements in the joint development of our company and Baosteel. It is summed up the compan'/ more than 10 years of heavy hammer type material position meter manufacturing and applicafion of experience. absorbing the advantages of similar foreign products. in the company's products on the basis of the original retrofit and optimization of new products It adopts microcomputer technology. which has the advantages of simple structure. stable stability. convenient installation and debugging, strong function. wide adaptability and so on







        控制面板采用128X64 LCD多窗口中文顯示(或其它語種)。






        Product features

        The use of hammer type probe, reliable, accurate measurement, hammer lifting torque, can be used in charging or discharging time It can

        be used in higYi dust, water vapor and other occasions the material level detection

        Has torque detection and control function, can effectively protect the motor, and the wire rope in buried hammer also will not be pulled off.

        torque disappeared after can automatically recover to the determination of state

        With automafic measurement. remote control and other functions. determination of prohibIted determination According to user needs to

        6 can be arbitra…y set high and low alarm points and 2 automatic generation of abnormally high. low alarm output. can be used with a

        varietyof automatic control functions

        With the depth bin measurement function. can be used for the trough of unknown depth of groove depth measurement data

        Control panel using LCD 1 28X64 multi window Chinese display(or other languages)-

        In an automatic measuring function. with "t". "T1. T2' and "C'- three determination time interval choice. can effectively prevent the overflow

        of material or short positions

        When power user data is automatically saved, the complex could return to operation, no need to reset the data

        The machine has multiple mechanical and electrical protection. and fault self diagnosis output control and display function. convenient

        maintenance and maintenance

        The circuit struaure and set up reasonable coniroHer circuit, anti-lamming multiple high reliability. strong anti-jamming performance

        The control box adopts double sealing structure. waterproof and dustproof performance is good