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        Model JGC-30 Full-Sealed Coal Weghing Feeder





        Model JGC-30 Full-Sealed Coal Weighing Feeder Is a kind of  belt weighing feeding coal device, and it is the main coal feeding device in the milling system of the power plantand also it can be used for continous feeding coal for other boiler appliction, it may equally feeding the coal into the ball crusher.medium speed crusher and tail crusher. and it could achleve single boiler weighing The coal feeder use the belt driven in the closed-box to achieve the raw coal transport A flexible system layout.simple structure. easy to install Owing to being set up the measuring device in this system. it can achieve the various speed weighing. and it has a large adjustment speed range, low maintainence. smooth operation.good stability. lower power. larger transportation capacity.high efficiency This machine is equipped with high-temperature separation of the gate, in order to fadhtate the maintenance of securlty Of this equipment in the coal feeder in the head. tail section and central parts of measurement I have observed. there are builtin lighting fixtures, at any time convenient to observe the machine running,The coal cleaning device is also set up at the bottom of the system. it may be stop the automatic cleaning system in the case of failure